About this blog

I have a passionate interest in 19th century America, especially the Civil War and the Wild West. I’m particularly interested in the experiences of women in that time period.

I’m also fascinated with how history and fiction converge. I chose to call my blog “The Smell of Gunsmoke” because it evokes the violence of that era, the sensory experience of living back then, and the way fact and fiction merge in popular shows like “Gunsmoke.”

My blog focuses on historical research with an eye toward writing fiction. I share my thoughts on books, movies and the places where history lives in my search for authenticity—and my wide-ranging, often unexpected sources of inspiration.

I hope this blog intrigues other writers, history buffs and readers, and that you’ll share your comments and thoughts with me.

2 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Doc Holliday wore a grey frock during the famous shoot out as stated by numerous individuals that were present at the time and stated during the court hearing…


    1. Curtis: That’s an excellent point! I take it you’re referring to my post about Doc’s coat being sold at auction (https://thesmellofgunsmoke.com/2013/08/29/of-dental-chairs-and-frock-coats/). Yes, the color of the coat would be a clue to its authenticity. It looks black in the photos on the auction house’s website (http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/18333784_doc-hollidays-frock-coat), but they aren’t the best photos. $55,000 is more than I would spend for a coat of dubious origins!


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